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Wazee Electric…Then and Now

Located in Denver, Colorado, Wazee Electric was founded in 1921 and has held Colorado State Electrical License #21 ever since. The company has nearly a century of experience providing electrical design, repair and installation of electric motors and generators for a wide variety of industrial applications. Now, as part of Timken Power Systems, we are uniquely positioned for further growth, including our expansion into gear services.

Serving the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, our new 92,000 square foot facility is one of the largest of its kind in the region, boasting cutting-edge equipment to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Whether the job takes place in the shop or in the field, our goal is to offer both past and future customers the highest degree of reliability possible for the entire powertrain.

the more

things change,

the more they

stay the same.”

Experience Drives Quality

Our Wazee Electric team of engineers, technicians and highly skilled craftsmen has centuries of combined hands-on experience: from equipment maintenance and repair, to engineering, to design and manufacture, to material management. Our goal is to bring our customers the highest levels of reliability in the marketplace. Day in and day out.

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Commitment to Excellence Backed
by Independent ISO Certification

A lot of companies have achieved ISO certification, but there are two reasons why our approach to quality is different, and we believe more effective. We drove our quality program through our own best practices and operating procedures, never hired consultants, and we weren’t interested in an umbrella certification that many companies have. Instead, we put our SOP’s and process controls to the test by having every TPS site independently quality for ISO certification. This was the only real way to deliver on our promises to our customers.


Providing Customers with the
Highest Degree of Reliability and Quality Assurance for 95 Years

As part of Timken Power Systems, we have never been in a better position to offer world-class products and services to our customers than we are today. Our experienced and qualified technicians are available 24/7 for both on-site and in-shop services using only the most innovative technology to complement our years of experience in the field.

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