Improving Equipment Maintainability and Reliability

Vibration Analysis is designed to help our customers save time and money through early detection of mechanical problems. Our highly trained service technicians use either traditional Vibration Analysis or remote, constant monitoring to identify problems in gearboxes and generators before these create expensive equipment failures and necessitate their costly removal and/or repair.

vibration_analyzer2.jpgTraditional Analysis: Multiple gearbox and generator points are sampled into a multi-input concentrator and then fed via fiberoptic cable to a downtower analyzer for capture, recording and analysis. Most wind-farms will not allow personnel uptower during the necessary running/testing conditions, but there are occasions such as during oil changes, when this can be performed.

Remote Monitoring: The alternative utilizes a wireless or broadband connection from a combined multi-point concentrator and intelligent analyzer in order to centrally monitor conditions on a regular basis. The system utilizes a predetermined intelligence baseline to trigger alerts on a central computer. Additionally, a 3rd party hosted application and analysis is available.

Combined with the above techniques, a particulate count oil analysis is available. By determining the overall operating condition of these rotating pieces of equipment, Vibration Analysis can detect:

• Lack of lubrication or oil contamination/breakdown
• Worn or broken gears
• Loose or faulty bearings
• Unbalance
• Misalignment

Periodic Vibration Analysis can establish performance trends that enable you to better predict the onset of bearing or gear wear.

• Reduction of production losses and unplanned downtime due to problems not identified earlier
• Reduced maintenance and repair costs
• Improved equipment maintainability and reliability
• Increased equipment life
• Increased mean-time between failures