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We provide you with smart solutions to your wind energy needs 

The H&N Wind team provides full drive train-services and wind turbine maintenance including generator and gearbox repair, oil changes, parts replacement, and specialty large correctives. We perform on-site service with our team of highly trained technicians. From uptower or downtower service to oil changes, parts replacement, and specialty large correctives, our full-service menu enforces our main objective of keeping turbines online and running.

Download our Wind Services Brochure here.

Service and Support

Oil Changes
Large Correctives
• Component Repair
Part Replacement Supply
Generator Reconditioning/Rewinds
Gearbox Maintenance
• Vibration Analysis & Monitoring
• Uptower Generator Bearing, Slip Ring & Brush Rigging
• Annual OSHA Required Hoist
• Inspection & Repair
• Supplemental Labor