• Awarded Projects for A Strong Q4


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Across the board each division has been awarded some notable projects that will carry us through the end of the year. In Pasco, the Wind group has been awarded a variety of jobs for some key customers across the US as well as a large corrective project here in our own backyard. The initial scope of work on the large corrective project has a potential to increase based on the work performed in Q4. To match demand regarding field work we have increased our wind technician count to almost 30 field techs. Two of these new techs are Derek and Jason. Both have had long term careers in the wind industry and we welcome them to our team.

The Crane Division was awarded in excess of $1M in contracts this month for work associated with modifications to several existing buildings for an existing client. We will be furnishing several new cranes as well as upgrading controls on existing cranes (originally provided by Wazee) and furnishing and installing over a dozen monorail and hoist systems. The work will begin this year with the majority being completed by mid 2015.



The Wind team would like to give applause to Josh Medina for his excellent work on many of our recent projects. Josh has been extremely hard working and his attention to detail related to safety and efficiency have been imperative to the successful completion of some large jobs. Both of these qualities have been noticed and mentioned by a recent customer. Well done Josh, and thanks for your commitment to our team.


There have been a few reported cases of Tularemia in the Broomfield/Denver areas lately. The following reminders were issued to all Broomfield staff but are also good reminders for all employees who may come into contact with rabbits.

Tularemia, a disease also known as "rabbit fever", is extremely prevalent and widespread this year. It is highly treatable with antibiotics if detected early. Everyone must read the Tularemia fact sheet with care. If you are not well, you need to inform their doctor immediately of this possibility.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCH ANY RABBIT DEAD OR ALIVE (ESPECIALLY DEAD)! This is not a suggestion. Healthy rabbits run from you. The sick rabbits don't run, they just stare at you and occasionally will walk up to you. Rabbits exhibiting this behavior have been seen on-site at Wazee Crane. Apparently, the bacteria which causes the disease rewire their brain and they lose their natural fears.

All personnel cleaning steel must wear mask and gloves. This is also not a suggestion. The fecal matter from rabbits contains the bacteria and power brushing makes it airborne. Not a good situation, but it is stopped by the masks. Personnel should use hand sanitizer and wash their hands often.