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Electric Service Department Updates
The Mountain Division Electric Service Department is currently finishing up a big Lift Station Electrical Improvements Project in Estes Park Colorado. The project includes upgrading the entire electrical system at two Lift Stations. Installations include new service feeds, new MCC’s, PLC panels, HVAC system, methane warning system, lighting and receptacles. The main challenge to this job is to keep the lift station running as we install and changeover to the new system from the old.

More about the Electronics Shop: Our department is excelling in retro-fitting variable speed drives. This includes replacing older drives and integrating them to work with existing control inputs on pumps, fans, printing presses, extruders and other machines. We have earned the label “Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner” due to the number of drives and premium efficient motors we have installed.

Safety Corner
- Hand injuries account for nearly 1/3 of all reported workplace incidents
- Approximately 75% of industrial injuries that cause partial disability involve the hands
- Over 16 million individuals seek medical care each year for work related hand injuries 

No matter what your job is, your hands are a key part of your ability to perform it.  Hand injuries can consist of sprains and strains, skin irritation, burns, lacerations, cuts, fractures, and broken bones amongst others.  In most cases these injuries are preventable, it is up to each individual worker to be aware of and respect the hazards they face on a daily basis. 

Make it a habit to continuously assess the risks for every task you perform, don’t take shortcuts, and constantly be aware of the position of your hands while working.  More often than not, properly selected PPE (personal protective equipment), regular stretching, and task variety can prevent injuries or at least minimize damage significantly should an accident occur. 

Don’t forget to also report any hazardous conditions, unsafe practices, or injuries to your supervisor and/or the safety director immediately.