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Motor repair in the NWD has been consistently busy in 2012 with variety of jobs from fractional horsepower motors to large synchronous and DC machines. We are very fortunate to be located in a area that has a diverse customer base including a high concentration of agriculture businesses along with our industrial customers such as paper mills, saw mills, rock crushers, etc.. The NWD has found additional work with municipalities’ fresh and wastewater pumps and motors to power plants, including, nuclear, hydro, fossil fuel, and wind. While there are some industries in our area that have tapered off over the years, we have seen an increase in other areas and have tried to capitalize on opportunities and differentiate ourselves to continue growing our business through times of economic downturn. Here are a few images of some recent work:


DC armature after rewind and ready to be balanced


DC motor going back together after armature rewind and other minor repairs