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Company Updates:

The Wazee Electrical Service Team is working on a job in Kremmling with a company who makes wood pellets for wood burning stoves out of beetle-kill pine trees. We have completed phase 1 of this job and when the customer’s new equipment arrives, we will be completing phase 2. 

We arrived on-site not knowing exactly what the job entailed and ended up building panels inside of our electrical trailer.


H&N Wind is currently performing work for Winergy on a wind farm in Texas. The team is working on repairing gearbox axial cracks and Intermediate Gear repair. 


Recycling News: 

We recently contributed a total of 40.0 cubic feet to RAFT Colorado (a non-profit dedicated to helping teachers get inspired and find interactive, hands-on resources to help their students). Donations included: hard hats, chalk boards, and office supplies. 

Wazee Electric also recently donated a large amount of used equipment to RedStone College for their students to practice with. 

Letter from the President:

Timken is a company with rich history, known for several community development projects, one in particular is the support and development of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Many of you may not know that Timken was actually at the forefront in lobbying to get the Pro Football Hall of Fame to Canton. 

While the final site for the Hall of Fame was under discussion H.H. Timken Jr., the chairman of the board, offered his support in a big way. He offered the financial backing that Canton needed to make a formal bid. In January 1961 the league’s owners voted to decide where the site for the Hall would be. Canton, the front runner, was ecstatic when they won the vote. A huge victory for Canton and the Timken Company. 

Currently the Hall is one of the premier landmarks in the United States and a huge tourism pull for the city of Canton, Ohio. I know I’ve mentioned the rich tradition before, but it’s especially exciting to be part of a company with these ties during football season as we watch our favorite teams and players every week. 


Facts about the Pro Football Hall of Fame

  • The NFL, first known as the American Professional Football Association, was formed in Canton on Sept. 17, 1920. 
  • Until the early 1930s, the league champion was crowned based on the best win-loss record in the regular season. The champion in the league’s inaugural season was the 8-0-3 Akron (Ohio) Pros. 
  • Four Hall of Fame running backs – Marcus Allen, Jim Brown, Franco Harris, and O.J. Simpson – wore the number 32 for all or a majority of their careers. The quartet of runners collectively amassed nearly 48,000 rushing yards that included 23 separate 1,000-yard seasons. 
  • In 1892 a touchdown was worth four points while a field goal was worth five points. In 1897 the TD increased to five points. In 1904 and ’09 a field goal was reduced to four then three points respectively. Finally in 1912, the TD increased to 6 points.