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Wind Division Busy with New Projects
The past few weeks have brought several new projects to the Wind Division. Most recently, our Wind group was awarded a three year contract from a major company for all the large corrective work that will take place. This includes all gearbox, generator and blade exchanges that are required on any of their 800 wind turbines.

We are currently working directly with the Laramie County Community College and will be performing a gearbox replacement for the F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, WY. In addition, we were also awarded a 220 turbine oil change project in North Eastern Colorado.

In other news, we recently signed a distribution contract with DHi to market and distribute their patented design of a pitch control slip ring. Both groups are excited to work together to bring this new technology to the wind power industry.

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Company News

Wazee Companies, Denver Campus has achieved the Silver Partner Award from the State of Colorado Environmental Leadership Program. Thanks to our H/R and Safety Director, who spent many hours on this achievement and was recognized at the 12th annual awards ceremony.

This event was attended by almost 400 participants including individuals from NREL, Ball Aerospace, Ball Metal Container, Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining, Circle Graphics, Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver International Airport, New Belgium Brewing, IBM Boulder, Raytheon, and Lexmark.