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Wazee Divisions Team-Up to Complete an Electrical Upgrade:

The Wazee Crane team has been busy performing an electrical control upgrade on the 75/25-ton turbine deck crane at a Power Plant.  This is an upgrade to the cranes electrical system, including re-winding of the all the electrical motors on the crane by the Wazee motor shop.

The electrical upgrade incorporates new Magnetek VFD’s to control each motion of the crane, bridge, trolley, aux hoist, and main hoist.  The upgrade will improve the cranes operation and reliability to minimize downtime. The turbine deck crane is a critical piece of equipment used when performing maintenance to the combustion turbine. The project is set to be complete in early December.  

Safety Corner:  

Prevent slips, trips, and falls this winter!  When walking on snowy, icy, or wet surfaces remember these safety tips:

•    Wear appropriate foot gear with good treading
•    Take smaller steps
•    Keep both hands free for balance or use handrails when possible
•    Avoid carrying heavy loads
•    Plan your route and keep your eyes on where you’re going
•    Test potentially slick areas by tapping one foot on them before stepping on it
•    Bend slightly and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over the feet
•    Allow yourself to take extra time to walk to and from your destination

If you do become the victim of a slip, trip or fall from a snowy, icy, or wet surface:

•    Roll with the fall – try to twist and roll backwards, rather than falling forward
•    Relax as much as possible when you begin to fall – tensing up could make injuries worse
•    Bend your back and head forward so you won’t slam your head on the ground when your feet come out from under you
•    If you’re carrying a load when you begin to fall, just drop it – protect yourself first rather than the object(s) being carried
•    Report all injuries, accidents, and near misses immediately to your supervisor

Finally, when entering buildings, remove snow and water from your footwear to the best of your abilities to prevent wet and slippery conditions indoors.