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Crane Department Updates

The Crane department is in the middle of fabricating a 15 ton bridge crane. The job is located in British Columbia at an existing coal mine and is part of an expansion. It will be used in the initial installation and maintenance of coal processing equipment. The crane is designed to operate on 575 volts and meet Class II, Div 2, Group F hazardous environment and must comply with Canadian Standards Association or CUL. The crane is scheduled to ship to the jobsite the end of August.

Wazee Crane was also recently awarded a job to furnish and install three bridge cranes and runway systems as part of a compressor manufacturing plant in Arvada. We are also currently quoting two 75 ton cranes for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

We recently received this photo for a crane we supplied to the US Army. The crane is a 10 ton top running double girder crane (built at No. 2) with a span of 86’-5”. The crane is part of a new Technical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF).

Safety Corner
July is UV Safety and Heat Stress month. Be sure to drink plenty of water, take breaks from outdoor work or activities in cool, shady, or air conditioned environments, and wear sunscreen - even when it’s cloudy outside or your exposure time to the sun and heat is minimal. Risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion can all be greatly reduced by following these simple tips.