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The Wind Division says goodbye this month to long-time technician, Dorjee Sherpa. Dorjee is departing H&N to be with his family overseas, where his wife has accepted a new job. He will be remembered for never showing up to work without a smile on his face and his willingness to go anywhere, even Argentina in the Winter. He was especially valuable for his ability to learn new scopes and work with anybody to get them completed successfully. Dorjee is a man of the purest loyalty, integrity and honesty that any employer could have ever asked for. He will be greatly missed by all.

Wazee Crane celebrated a successful opening of the Rock Springs location a few weeks ago with an Open House. Customers, vendors and members of the community were invited to come enjoy a BBQ lunch at the new location. There were two presentations, including the City of Rock Springs Key to the City presented by Mayor Carl Demshar to Jim Andrews and the presentation of a donation check for $1,000 to the Sweetwater Youth Crisis Center from Wazee Crane.

Timken_certified.jpgWazee Electric is officially the first motor shop in the 'Timken' family to become Timken certified. The training and audit portions are complete and we are wearing our colors proud. We passed inspection on the audit the very first time – no re-audit necessary. Thank you to Chelsea, Senior Service Engineer and Bob T, of Timken Bearings who did a great job in the training room and especially to: Carl, Craig, Mark, Nate, Emmett, Shon, Ray, David, Bear, Jay and Don – you guys continue to do a great job in the shop.



Wazee donated time and materials to the "spruce a room" project at the Joshua Station in Denver. Joshua Station (part of Mile High Ministries) is a transformational housing program designed to help families move from unstable housing situations to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. See some of the before and after photos here:



Letter from the President

I am thrilled to announce that the Pasco building project is officially underway. The selected contractor, DGR Grant Construction Inc, is onsite and will begin ground work this month. For those of you working at the Pasco office, please give a warm welcome to project managers Tim with DGR and Craig with Timken Power Systems. We're excited to begin work on this new building after many months of planning. A big thank you to everyone who has helped get this going. 

Safety Corner

As the temperature climbs up so does the risk for heat stress and heat illness. High temperature and humidity, direct sun or heat, limited air movement, physical exertion, poor physical condition, some medicines and inadequate tolerance for hot workplaces can all lead to heat stress or illness. When the body is unable to cool itself by sweating, several heat-induced illnesses can occur and can result in death. Workers at greater risk include those of 65 years or older, those overweight, people with heart disease or high blood pressure or those who take medications impacted by extreme heat.

Heat Cramps: painful muscle spasms that occur from profuse sweating in heat and drinking large quantities of water, but not adequately replacing the body's salt loss.
Fainting: the body's attempt to control the internal temperature includes enlarged lower body and skin blood vessels which causes blood to pool rather than return to the heart to be pumped to the brain.
Transient Heat Fatigue: the temporary physical discomfort and mental or psychological strain arising from prolonged heat exposure.
Heat Stroke: occurs from the body's automatic temperature regulation system failing and inadequate sweating.