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New Year, New Projects

Wazee Crane won a 3-year contract in New Mexico with for inspection and service to all cranes and mobile equipment for a new client. We're also preparing to hire 2 technicians to service the contract and Farmington NM will be a new satellite location. To start the contract we sent two of our current technicians from Rock Springs and SLC to help get things going. 

While wind work typically slows down in the winter months, H&N has been busy this month with some generator work in Colorado as well as a generator exchange project.

IMG_0013.JPGWazee Electrical services division is working on a project for the City of Golden for their high service pump station – motor control center replacement project. We have been preparing and have been on site for the first 10 days of 2014 so far and will wrap up the project by next week. The City of Golden needed to continue to pump water to its citizens and we came through for them to ensure everyone had water and that the operations were not affected in any way. We provided temporary power during the 'outage' times and utilized associates from: electrical services / field services and motor shop teams. It is truly a team effort.


Safety Corner

Safe Driving in Rain, Snow, and Ice

When you're cruising along a dry highway in the sunshine, it's good to remind yourself that conditions won't always be so ideal. Prepare for the next time you have to drive in rain, snow or ice.

Dangerous Moments
Almost any day, in winter or summer, you're likely to find yourself on a wet highway. In areas where rain is sparse, the most dangerous moments often come when the first raindrops hit the surface. A little moisture combined with the grease and grime on a dry highway can make for extremely slick conditions. Other motorists may not recognize the hazard, and it's not uncommon to see a vehicle hit the brakes and spin out in the lane just ahead of you. As soon as you see the first raindrops, slow down and allow more stopping room between your rig and the vehicles ahead.

Snow In July
Snow, too, can come when you least expect it, especially if your routes take you over mountain passes. It's not uncommon to see snowflakes in July at the higher elevations of mountain states. And, of course, when autumn and winter come, you may encounter heavy, wet snow. Keep your tires and windshield wiper blades in top shape and carry chains at all times. Put chains on when snowfall gets heavy, and stop often to clear snow and salt off your lights and reflectors. Keep windows clear. Carry warm clothing in case you get stranded in a blizzard. Know how to make the best use of your heater and defroster. Read the section in your operator's manual that explains how the controls work.

Watch For Ice
On icy roads, cut your speed by two-thirds. Unless you have an ABS (automatic breaking system), stab repeatedly at your brakes instead of applying constant pressure. For vehicles with an ABS, apply gentle constant pressure. For manual transmission vehicles, use the clutch to slow down. Bridges may be icy even when approach roads are clear. Cross them at an even speed, neither speeding up nor slowing down. 

What to Do In a Skid
The best advice if your vehicle starts to skid is to steer in the same direction that the rear axle is moving. Stay off the brakes and correct with the accelerator, doing the opposite of what you were doing when you went into the skid. If you were slowing, speed up gradually. If you were accelerating, slow down.

If You Start to Jackknife
The worst outcome of a skid is a jackknife, when the angle between vehicle and trailer becomes so extreme that you can't straighten it out. If this starts to happen, disengage the clutch (if applicable), counter steer and stay off the brakes. But if the angle reaches 15 degrees, it's virtually impossible to correct. Your best bet is to stay out of trouble in the first place. Make smooth movements, go slowly, and brake ahead of turns, not in them. The smartest policy on wet pavement is to give yourself plenty of time. Slow down and get there safely.