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Mountain Electric services Glass Company:
Recently, the Electric team provided some specialty services for a glass company in Denver. As a result of their glass manufacturing process, extensive amounts of dust particles were dispersed into the air at their facility. This dust created problems with the company’s switchgear. Working primarily over the weekend, the Wazee Electric team was able to remove many containers of glass dust (using proper PPE) and service the necessary electrical components for the customer so they could continue with business as usual.


H&N rebuilds a miniature train locomotive:
The H&N Electric team recently worked on the locomotive for a mine in Kellogg, Idaho. We were tasked with rebuilding the motors, gearboxes and the frame. The work included welding in a new floor and spring pockets, showcasing our diverse capabilities as a shop.


H&N performs a vertical motor rebuild:
Showcasing our agriculture equipment specialties, the NW team has also been busy with a couple of large vertical motors that were in need of being rebuilt. The motors run turbine pumps for irrigation for farmers in the Pacific Northwest.


Wazee Crane is expanding its presence
Wazee Crane is happy to announce its expansion into the Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Nevada marketplaces with the addition of a long time crane engineer and former competitor to their staff. Thom Rich, joined Wazee in October and is the previous owner of Overhead Cranes International (OCi). Thom will be operating out of the Salt Lake City area and servicing customers in all of the western states. He brings to the table extensive experience in problem solving, crane systems design, product knowledge and customer relations. He says he is excited to focus on the sales side of the business without worrying about payrolls, payables and receivables. In his words, “Wazee is a great place to work. Thanks for making me feel so at home.” Wazee is proud to welcome Thom to the team and is one step closer to becoming a national brand with this new presence in the states west of Colorado.