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Wazee Crane is currently performing a Class I upgrade for an aerospace customer in California, which includes a new 25 ton single-failure-proof hoist with 84' lift and a new control package. The project also includes new electrical, a digital weighing system and catwalk modifications.

Wazee Crane was also hired to repair defective welds on two new large capacity overhead cranes (70 ton and 85 ton capacities) destined for an Xcel Energy Plant expansion. The cranes were supplied by another crane manufacturer in the Midwest who in turn will be installing them in the facility. The first crane should be ready for delivery late December, and the second crane will then be transported to our shop for its repair work. Both cranes will be completely re-painted prior to delivery. We will also be performing a load test after installation.

H&N Wind was recently awarded a large job for a customer. Work for the project has already begun in Nebraska where we have stationed six techs for the next 2-3 months. The project includes performing annual and semiannual maintenances.

Safety Corner

Safety Corner Working Safely in Cold Conditions During the winter months, working in cold and wet environments outdoors can increase the dangers of hypothermia. It doesn't take ice-cold temperatures to cause hypothermia; just prolonged exposure to temperatures of 30-50 degrees can produce the same effects, and it doesn't happen immediately.

The major factors of hypothermia are cold, wind and water. Additional factors that put you at risk include age, poor physical condition, illness, use of alcohol or certain medicines and fatigue. Keep the following in mind if you work in conditions that get cold and wet:
• Dress appropriately. The greatest loss of body heat occurs through the head, so wear a cap and several layers of loose-fitting clothing.
• Keep dry. Clothing loses 90% of its insulating value when it gets wet.
• Be aware of changes in weather, and stay alert for cold and wind – even a slight breeze carries heat away from the body.
• Stop the exposure if you are unable to stay warm or dry; leave the cold or wet environment.

Look for any change in motor coordination and levels of consciousness, for skin and lips turning blue-gray or if your fingers, ears and other extremities turn white. Other symptoms to watch out for are uncontrollable shivering, confusion, weakness, drowsiness, pain in your extremities, weak pulse or shallow breathing.

Hypothermia is a life-threatening consequence of inadequate preparation for cold weather conditions. But it doesn't have to happen if you dress properly and watch for early warning signs.

Presidents Letter

With 2013 nearing completion, I want to reflect on all of the hard work done in 2013. We began 2013 with many integration activities as we became part of the Timken family. Throughout that period, we continued to achieve some great milestones as a company to make 2013 a great year. The Denver office is now home to 4 separate divisions/business groups within Timken. We have expanded our service offerings and offices to become part of the TIS entity-- this shared knowledge will make us stronger... together.

Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the major achievements of 2013.

  1. Crane added technicians in four locations this year, giving us "boots on the ground" now in WA, WY, CO, ND and UT with plans to add more locations and expand our service capabilities in 2014. 
  2. Crane landed a 3-year contract with a Colorado mine and completed the installation and testing of two 75 ton cranes at a Wind Test Site in Boulder, CO.
  3. Crane also had several notable facility upgrades: Replaced our old welding equipment with 8 new Miller welders to help improve quality and reduce costs and upgraded insulation throughout the entire facility
  4. The Denver Motor Division completed rewinds on two 7000hp motors, one of which involved services from our partner Smith Service. They also won a 3-year contract to provide motor repair services for a local Wastewater Reclamation District.
  5. Denver motor storage opportunities have seen significant growth, including two 32,000 hp motors, multiple drives and switchgear for a compressor station and a motor storage and substantial business contract with a local oil and gas company
  6. H&N Wind secured several new projects including: a job for that included break-in maintenance service, a 200 turbine borescope job on the new GE 2.5 MW wind turbines and an oil change job for that includes five wind farm sites.
  7. Plans for the new building in Pasco were drafted and approved by corporate. The new facility will add 43,000 additional square feet of space for motor repair, wind turbine generator work, gearbox repair and other services.
  8. As of December 2013, H&N Electric has gone 378 days without a recordable injury. 

I would like to extend best wishes for a happy holiday season and sincere thanks for everyone's loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.