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Company Updates

The new Wazee Peterbilt truck was loaded up with a 1500 hp motor for MetroWastewater Reclamation District for its maiden voyage this month in Denver. The new truck will allow for more efficient delivery service and increased profit margins on delivery. The truck is designed to haul 30,000 lbs and has been dubbed “the Motor Express”.

Wazee Electric recently completed a job for Beaver Creek ski resort in Colorado. A 300 hp VFD was replaced at the pump station, requiring the workers to hike up the mountain to install the drive with a hiking elevation from 9,000 ft to 11,000 ft to the pump station.

Pasco Boat Races

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the boat races in Pasco last month. It was a great weekend to host both employees and their families and some clients for a weekend of fun and speed! 


“Since 2012, Platte River Power’s Rawhide Energy Station has been utilizing Wazee Electric exclusively for large frame critical motor storage and repair. The service has been nothing short of exceptional. Each month preventative maintenance is performed on each motor in storage and reports are delivered to plant staff for review. This ensures that these motors are in excellent condition at all times should they be needed in a moment’s notice. Wazee has consistently provided timely response to plant requests, whether it is for urgent motor repair, delivering a motor from storage, motor cleaning and overhauls, providing on-site support, or to aid in finding replacement motors. I look forward to their continued partnership and support.”

Community Efforts

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with the Joshua Station Project. The two rooms and bathrooms were completely overhauled with new paint, new fixtures, refurbished furniture and completely decorated. Check out the after images to see all the hard work.

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Letter from the President

While it feels like summer just got here, my kids have already gone back to school and football has started which both indicate that fall is not far away. And despite the strange weather patterns this summer, with above average heat in the Pacific Northwest, and below average number of hot days here in Colorado, we've achieved some notable summer projects I wanted to reflect on before fall arrives for good:
• Completion of the Upper Thompson project to replace and repair a lift station damaged in last year's devastating flood
• The ground-breaking of the Pasco building
• Service to many of our local Colorado ski resorts drives and pumps to prepare them for the upcoming ski season
• Completion of some very big large-corrective jobs for our wind farm clients in the Pacific Northwest
• Completion of a large rail replacement project in Provo, Utah that was part of a larger job including 2 new cranes

None of these projects would have been possible without some incredible teamwork. As we move into fall, I'd like to continue our efforts in focusing on what we accomplish when we come together. From community service projects to large jobs, the team spirit at Wazee and H&N is fully evident and will continue to be a factor of our success