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Company Week, the voice of Rocky Mountain makers and manufacturers, recently published this feature on Wazee Crane, its history and where it's headed.  

Wazee Companies, a manufacturer of overhead cranes and a motor and generator servicing company, is lifting loads in the Rocky Mountain West and beyond, thanks to recently becoming a Timken brand.

Wazee Companies, founded by current President Trevor Armstrong’s grandfather, was granted Colorado State electrical license #21 in 1921. The company’s story is that of the Armstrongs and the Andrews, whom Armstrong credits with co-developing the company’s overhead crane division. “Jim Andrews has only worked one job in his whole life and it’s for Wazee. He left the Navy and came to work for my grandfather and dad and they started Wazee Crane,” Armstrong says. 

- See more at: http://companyweek.com/company-profile/wazee-companies#sthash.AgucUGbC.dpuf