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As reorted in the Denver Business Journal 

DENVER (July 11, 2012) – Wazee Wind, a provider of oil changes, component maintenance, and other inspection and repair services for the wind industry has announced the acquisition of  COT-Puritech’s Wind Division.  COT-Puritech, based in Canton, Ohio, operates its Wind Division out of Abilene, Texas.  Wazee Wind is a subsidiary of Denver-based Wazee Companies, LLC.

The acquisition expands Wazee Wind’s presence into the Southern region of the United States, allowing the company to now operate entirely west of the Mississippi.  With expansion into the region and an increase of its oil change truck fleet from four to six vehicles, Wazee expects to more than double the number of oil changes performed this year compared to 2011.
“Our acquisition of COT-Puritech’s Wind Division not only increases our work capacity, but also expands our market share across the Western United States,” said Trevor Armstrong, president of Wazee Companies. “With oil change trucks located throughout the South, Midwest, and Northwest, our Western U.S. market share is now approximately 75 percent.  We are strategically located in these regions with the capacity to take on jobs of any size.”

Wazee Wind performs wind turbine gear box oil changes using a proprietary technology specifically engineered for non-contamination.  Non-contaminating oil changes using the 4-part oil conversion process protects and maintains the longevity of the internal components.   

“The oil change technology we use is designed to address safety, efficiency, oil purity and containment, the most important aspects in our industry,” Armstrong said.  “Our oil change process addresses them all with the sole purpose of keeping wind turbines running to produce clean energy.”

Wazee Wind is also about to launch www.Windwarehouse.com, a website that provides direct access to new and refurbished parts for wind turbines.  The windwarehouse.com site is currently in Beta Test phase.  The ability to order parts online will be available to all customers later this summer.