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Mountain Division Motor Repair Shop Performs a Large Motor Recondition Job


It’s been a great start to the year for our Motor Repair shop. Our Motor Shop Manager secured a large job from located in Pueblo, Colorado.  This plant had 18 motors for us to recondition during their scheduled plant outage in January.   The motors ranged from 40hp to 250hp. 18 motors were completed with 1 shop, in 8 days, with the help of 6 men. See the before and after pictures here:


The job was completed on time and on schedule while still servicing our other customers. A BIG round of applause to the motor shop for giving up their weekend and getting the job done.


Special safety awards were given out to 10 employees in each division who actively participated in making Wazee a safer place to work, displayed a positive and proactive safety attitude, adapted well to changes in safety policies/procedures, and had no OSHA recordable injuries in 2011.

Congratulations and thank you once more to the recipients!


Safety Corner: 

Good Housekeeping is a Good Safety Practice

-Keep aisles, stairways, doorways, and floors in working areas clear of tools, materials, boxes, cords, cables, air hoses, and trash.

-Close drawers to desks, filing cabinets, etc. when not in use – even if you only walk away for a brief period of time.

-Cover sharp edges of tools and equipment.

-Stack and store materials carefully so they won’t fall or obstruct walkways or areas where other machinery or equipment can collide with them.

-Clean up spills immediately and properly.  If a hazardous material is spilled, visually (wet floor sign, caution tape, etc.) and verbally warn co-workers, and immediately contact the proper entity (i.e. Safety Kleen) to clean up the spill.

-Report or remove any slip/trip hazards immediately.

-Report any broken or inadequate equipment/machinery.

-Place all trash in proper containers, place closed combustible waste in closed metal containers.

-Smoke only where permitted, never indoors or near flammable gases or materials.

-Keep flammable liquid containers closed and in flammable cabinets or approved containers when not in use. 

-Ensure all chemicals and substances are properly labeled.

-Don’t place tools or equipment on the edges of shelves or tables. 

-Retract blades on safety/utility knives, etc. after use.

REMEMBER: Housekeeping in all areas of the workplace is everyone’s responsibility.  We must work together as a team to maintain a safe, clean, and healthy work environment.