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Providing Protective Safety Measures

With on site fall protection & rescue training

By Jonathan Glessner

One of the greatest challenges a service company can face in the wind power industry isn’t necessarily the stress of a new project, but the hiring of new, quality technicians, especially when a large job is on the horizon. Finding a qualified, quality technician is one thing, but finding one with the required fall protection and rescue training necessary in the wind industry can be tough. Nevertheless, fall protection safety training is non-negotiable, and every technician placed on a wind farm jobsite is required to carry the certification of completed training. 

Working at heights is a near-daily requirement when it comes to building and maintaining turbines, and attention to detail is mandatory. Whereas certain jobs might allow for an off day, there’s no margin for error when working in such extreme conditions. Safety will always be the number one priority in the wind industry. As a result, every service and engineering company placing workers at heights requires a fall protection and training plan that’s accurate, up-to-date, and practiced by all employees or contractors to the same standard. 

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