Our experienced and qualified technicians are available 24/7 for both onsite and in-shop mechanical services. We use top-of-the-line and cutting edge technology to complement our years of experience in the field.Our diversity of services and experience enable us to handle a full range of challenges.

Routine Field Services: Mechanical services for turnarounds, plant shutdowns and complete overhauls 

Maintenance: Full-time or periodic onsite services to establish condition-based maintenance for critical machinery

Turnkey Services: Custom-engineered upgrades to equipment from installation through start-up

Equipment Storage: Storage of critical spares in our temperature-controlled facility

• Installs/Removals
• Dynamic Balancing
• Bearing Replacement/Seal Replacement
• Ludeca Rotalign Pro Laser Alignment
• Thermal Imaging
• Dry Ice Blasting
• Vibration Analysis
• Motor Repair
• PdMA Motor Diagnostics
• Emergency Fabrication
• Slip Rings
• Borescoping
• Motor Cleaning
• Oil Changes
• Turnkey Solutions

Motor Vibration Analysis
• Vibration Analysis observes changes in the condition of all your rotating equipment.
• Early detection of any problems can allow corrective action to be taken before a catastrophic failure occurs.
• Vibe-expert (2 units available)

Laser Alignments in Denver, CO and across the nation

• High quality motor laser alignment for motors used in commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.
• Skilled technicians use the best equipment and years of experience to diagnose and repair your critical motors.
• On-site motor laser alignment.
• Rotalign pro (3 available)

PdMA Advanced Diagnostics
• Our highly trained technicians use this tool to diagnose problems on the job site that would traditionally require the motor to be completely disassembled.
• Data gathered with this tool over a period of time delivers important trending information that can be used to schedule maintenance downtime and avoid costly motor failure.

"I can't say enough about how good the response has been from Carl McClure and his team when we have needed them to do motor service and alignments. We use Wazee primarily for our work out at Buckley AFB and our customer is very important to us, as well as a critical part of theAerospace Defense Program, so when they need something done it is usually in a hurry. Carl and the guys have come through on each occasion."

- Scott Calahan, Vice President of Operations, Braconier Plumbing & Heating