AZ’s Crane Hoist Supplier & Overhead Bridge Crane Manufacturer

When you work with cranes, you prioritize reliability. Jobs, even lives, depend on these machines staying well maintained and properly operated. That’s why your local overhead bridge crane manufacturer in AZ ensures each crane that comes through our facility undergoes rigorous safety testing.

Our Safety Measures


Wazee goes beyond standard safety measures in order to provide our clients with the safest, most reliable cranes available. For example, we clean our steel before painting the material. This apparently small detail not only augments your crane’s appearance, but it also provides superior adhesion. You can trust us to focus on the smallest detail to make sure your crane is as safe as possible

During fabrication, we utilize laser devices to verify each crane's alignment several times. Wazee Crane measures from the crane wheels instead of the standard, and less effective, end truck frames. After that, we apply a laser leveler to confirm the balance.

Our Services


Wazee has helped clients like you for nearly a century, so we understand what you need to make your job site as efficient as possible. Rely on our services throughout Arizona, including:

  • Inspection and load testing
  • Predicative maintenance
  • Modernizations
  • Onsite field service and repairs


If you would like more information about our varied services, call us at 1 (800) 299-8658 or send us a message online.