We provide on-site service and diagnostics, and offer extensive predictive maintenance programs to ensure your material handling equipment is functioning at its best. Below are several services and upgrades that Crane Service provides.

24/7 Service

Crane Load Tests
We have 500,000 lbs of test weight designed to eliminate the dangers of water bag testing. Our test system carries a PE stamp of design approval. Our test weights save considerable time when compared to water bag systems as we don't have to fill them nor find a place to empty them afterwards. Please call or email us to inquire more about our test weight system. 

Crane Inspection Programs
Wazee Crane’s inspections are performed by qualified inspectors who use advanced software and technologies. Our inspectors are professional and reliable and provide you with a full equipment evaluation including condition monitoring, web-based inspection reporting, safety compliance inspection and operational testing. 

Radio Control Installations and Upgrades
Improve your existing crane control system with a radio control. These efficient and easy to use controls increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance worker safety by allowing operators to stand away from the load being transported.  Radio controls can easily be integrated into existing cranes. This is an ideal upgrade to perform in conjunction with your annual crane inspection. 

VFD Upgrades
Installing a VFD (variable frequency drive) can save your business money on operating cost by varying the load and motor speed. A motor that operates at a lower speed will consume less energy, which will reduce your electric bill.

VFD's can also increase the lifespan of your equipment by preventing jarring stops and starts. VFD upgrades are one of our most popular upgrades, call us today to schedule yours.